They have a date at the Cas, tie the knot in a whirlwind surprise wedding and start a business together, of course. 

This, ladies and gents, is the epic modern-day love story that formed the foundation of the Guestbook Collective. 

Let me backtrack a little (hi, it’s me… Jem). 

I was sitting on the couch, in FULL wedding planning mode, scrolling (and scrolling, and scrolling) to find the perfect guestbook. 

And then I realised something. Most of the guestbooks out there are just a little… shit. 

Boring. Dated. And very, very traditional. 

We are many things (hilarious, talented, freaks on the D floor), but if there’s one thing we’re not—it’s traditional.

So I had an idea. 

A modern guestbook that broke the mould. 

Something that people actually WANTED to show off post-event.

And so the Guestbook Collective was born.  

We hope you love your guestbook as much as we love ours. 


Order Your Custom Guestbook

Meet Jem

Marketing and communications

Lover of sweet lil’ love notes and all things *aesthetic* Jem is the brains behind the biz, and the big picture visionary. 

She’s also the owner of No Idea Agency, where she creates truly epic websites and social media for badass business owners (but we digress…) 

Known to sneak an Amaretto Sour (even when she’s meant to be doing dry July), and ask ‘But is it a vibe?’ She’s the one you’ll speak to when ordering your Guestbook, and the one to thank for all the beautiful socials. 

Meet Shane

Design and production

Those gorgeous designs you see splashed all over this pretty little website? You can thank Shane for them. 

Jack of all trades, master of…them all – just ask him. 

Fan of a dad joke, a few swings on the golf course, and getting shit done.

With 12 years of experience in design, he not only creates the covers, but he’s also the one who counts every page, and sends every single Guestbook proof ordered. 

A perfectionist with a capital P, if a book is even 1mm out of line, he’ll do it all again.

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