Guestbooks done your way.

We create custom guestbooks that make for a beautiful post-event coffee table book, so you can have notes and precious memories from your loved ones sitting pretty in view — forever.

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You may think it's

Just a guestbook

But it’s so much more than that. 

It’s a place for the memories that make you spray prosecco from your nose, and sentiments that make you ugly cry (yes, the one with the double chin.)

A place for your people to share ALL the feels on the biggest day of your life. 

We believe that the humble guestbook doesn’t get anywhere near the love or attention it deserves.

But with The Guestbook Collective, we’re here to change that, with guestbooks that make for stunning coffee table books, completely personalised with your names, date and location. 

Because your party deserves better than a boring guestbook. 

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